By | 2021-06-02

Like many others, your thought might be oscillating between Linux shared hosting or Windows shared hosting. Shared hosting is beginner’s hosting as it is reliable and affordable too.

Now, it comes to choose either Linux or Windows shared hosting. If we talk about Linux shared hosting plans, it’s great and reliable too. Another best thing about Linux shared hosting is its customer service.

Linux shared hosting plans are incredibly stable, and most believe it is the most stable in the world. It also gives the best email service that usually considers the best guard for spam and viruses. If you choose Linux shared hosting plans then you will definitely have a pleasant experience.

Linux vs windows shared hosting: 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Windows hosting, but Linux is the preferred choice for several reasons. The service allows the use of PHP, Python, CGI, and Pearls that are quite famous for webmasters.

It is also known as one of the most stable choices for your hosting and provides more features that can be used free of charge, unlike windows hosting.

Top benefits of Linux shared hosting: 

There are several benefits that come along with the selection of a Linux shared hosting plan. The affordable kind of hosting makes it easy for anybody to get started with a blog or website.

These are the top benefits of Linux shared hosting: 

Several benefits come along with the selection to use a hosting organization offering the Linux operating system. This affordable kind of hosting makes it easy for anybody to get started with a blog or website. Let’s understand the benefits:


This is the best feature of Linux shared hosting. Most people look for a cheap option when it comes to hosting. Linux shared hosting plan is an open-source platform, and there are no charges to use it for your hosting. It allows hosting organizations to keep their prices lower compared to windows hosting.

It also gives the additional advantage in providing free and popular scripts like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, etc.


Linux shared hosting plans offer access to several things like a blog, website, multimedia application, forum, or any other online entity. Linux shared hosting plans come with a General Public Licensed, which refers, it could be used with various distributions. This feature makes it more flexible than other operating systems.


Everyone looks for a secure web hosting plan. A website consists of several essential information, so the email. Another important advantage of Linux shared hosting is security. By the time the operating system has satisfied their customer with its security feature.


Linux is the earliest operating system, and so far, several versions have been developed with uncompromised reliability features. Several users who have used Windows and Linux both prefer Linux when it comes to reliability.


The user interface of the Linux operating system is its simplicity. In most cases, it’s easier and more user-friendly than Windows hosting. It uses databases like MySQL, Perl, and PHP. Once you start using it, you would experience its simplicity or use several Linux options.

Selecting the best Linux shared hosting plan provider: 

It is pretty important to choose the right service provider to take advantage of all the Linux shared hosting plan features. If you select a Linux hosting vendor without great support or uptime, you won’t gain the several great benefits of using Linux for your shared hosting.

Another thing you should look for is customer support. Although Linux shared hosting plans are best for its customer support. The service is available 24 by 7.

For some people, the best of the two hosting types depends on the operating system used for a long time and feels familiar with the particular OS. Thus, either they could choose Windows or Linux shared hosting.


The features mentioned above explained properly why it is good to choose a Linux shared hosting. Even if you are a beginner in the business field and looking for an affordable option, you can also go with Linux shared hosting. It would give reliability, strong customer assistance, security, and simplicity to understand and use.