By | 2021-03-26

Contact centre agents have one of the difficult and challenging jobs in the CX industry. Agents have to face multiple customers with varying personalities throughout the day. Also, agents need to stay professional and meet customer’s demands by following company guidelines. Sometimes the customers can be harsh on the agents which can affect his/her mental health. Listening to complaints and queries all day can be mentally exhausting for the agents and it is of no surprise that the contact centre has a high attrition rate. According to a study by Cornell University, contact centers experience a 25% to 33% attrition rate which is high compared to other jobs. To retain agents, contact centres managers, or team leaders have to inspire and motivate to keep them engaged.

Here are 5 ways to motivate contact centre agents

Appreciate agent’s work

Appreciation is one of the ways an employee can feel motivated. According to a study by, 69 percent of the employees feel more optimistic and motivated if their work is being appreciated. Agents should be appreciated not only by metrics but with the agent’s birthday, career milestones, extra hours, work anniversaries, and many others so that they are recognized. If a company or an organization does not recognize an employee’s work, they will feel empty and lost during work.

Contract terms and career path

The career of the contact centre agent is very limited and to see major progress might take years. Contact centres usually offer agents with long-term bonds which can be highly unmotivating due to lack of career growth. CX marketplaces like VOIZ offer part-time and full-time jobs with 4 hours of slots giving more flexibility and comfort for the agents particularly when the agent is working remotely. And the openness to change multiple jobs depending on the preferences gives a greater advantage to the CX agents working via VOIZ. Also, the platform sets a good career path with multiple-level jobs and training based on skills.

Remote work/work from home

Very few contact centre companies offered work from home/remote work before the pandemic. In a recent survey conducted by Linkedin, 40% of millennials prefer remote work/work from home as a requirement for a job. Employees who work from home/remote work are seen to be more productive and seen to have a better state of mind. There are benefits for both agents as well for companies while working remotely. After the pandemic, more than one-third of contact centres in India are willing to shifting towards work from home/remote work permanently. VOIZ is a CX marketplace that provides remote work with flexible working hours, this opens opportunities for freelancers and it is also helpful for the companies or organizations to scale up workforce when there is a spike in traffic.

Set realistic goals

Setting goals a great way to motivate employees in any workspace but setting unrealistic goals can put heavy pressure on the workers. Contact centres should have a realistic goal so that their agents can feel a sense of satisfaction while hitting a certain goal. Companies should implement a reward system where an agent is rewarded with bonuses or perks who were able to achieve the goals fastest. This can make work a lot more enjoyable. VOIZ sets a clear template-based form when companies post the hiring requirements like work hours, pay, process types, etc. If you’re a business, try posting your first project here at VOIZ.

Listen to agent’s feedback

Listening to employees is a great way to learn about the work environment, it can help in improving the workspace for better productivity and a positive environment. Simple ways to listen to employees are through surveys and monthly meetings. Validating agent’s opinions and making changes according to their need can make them comfortable in the workplace. They feel confident coming to work knowing that they have a voice in the workspace rather than a bland employee who is working for just the sake of working.

Why motivation is important in the workplace

Every contact centre’s success comes from the agents. Contact centre workspaces are tiring and demanding, lack of motivation can make a lot of agents disengaged. A well-motivated workspace means better productivity, positivity, and a happier environment to work. Always remember, a positive workforce gets you positive results.