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A dedicated hosting server, managed dedicated hosting, or virtual dedicated hosting service in which the user has total control over the operating system, software and hardware and can have as much traffic as he wants.

This kind of hosting is used mainly for large sites and e-commerce sites requiring high bandwidth and heavy data traffic. Dedicated hosting service also enables the website owner to add custom features. Dedicated hosting is mostly used by business owners because they pay a higher rate than common users.

While choosing a dedicated hosting server provider you should consider the needs of your site. For instance, you may find VPS or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) a better choice than dedicated servers. A small business that has limited resources but high expectations from their web hosting provider may find VPS better suited to meet their needs.

Businesses with high web traffic that expect a high level of security may find Virtual Private Servers (VPS) a better option. A virtual environment is one in which each machine has its own operating system, software and memory; thereby creating a true virtual platform rather than a traditional on-demand environment.

What to check when selecting a dedicated hosting server

While choosing a hosting provider, you also need to check the bandwidth requirement of your site. There are two types of bandwidth – low bandwidth and high bandwidth. Low bandwidth providers offer limited amount of disk space and a limited amount of emails. High bandwidth providers offer larger disk space, greater amount of bandwidth, more email boxes and various other features. You can easily find out the bandwidth requirements of your web server by checking the website of the hosting provider.

While choosing a hosting server, you should be aware of the physical specifications of your site. Some of the common characteristics of physical server hosting are bandwidth, disk space, processor speed, root access, etc. Physical hosting server offers better control over the physical environment of your site.

Dedicated servers do not have any control over the physical environment of your site. In dedicated servers you are the sole owner of the entire system. With dedicated servers you cannot switch the software or the applications of your site.

The price of a dedicated server can vary according to the different types of hosting services provided and also according to the level of service provided. Usually the cost of dedicated hosting is more expensive than the shared server. But the price of a dedicated hosting is definitely less as compared to the price of a shared hosting.

You can easily compare the price of dedicated hosting and shared hosting by getting an online price comparison tool. There are many dedicated hosting resellers who offer their services at a really affordable price.

If you are planning to set up your own business site then you should opt for a VPS or Virtual Private Server. It offers dedicated servers with all the capabilities of dedicated servers but provides you with the advantages of managed services, ease of deployment and also flexible licensing options.

It is one of the best hosting services that you can opt for if you are looking to create a secure and robust website. It is one of the best options that are available in the market and you should definitely opt for it.

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