By | 2020-12-02

All of us look at our cell phone devices hundreds of times per day it seems, but all of us take for granted what is happening behind the scenes for our phones to always be connected to the internet via your cell network. Communication networks consist of thousands of miles of frequencies and complex equipment in order to give you the notifications and text messages you so desperately crave. Let’s dive into the amazing world of communication equipment that makes this all possible.

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The signal that cell towers and your phone use is the backbone of any mobile phone network. The government decides what radio frequency spectrum can be used for mobile communications. Over the years, this spectrum has been opened up as higher frequencies can allow for better connectivity and greater speeds, such as 5G. In order to support these higher frequencies; however, equipment must be upgraded in order to connect and broadcast these new signals. RF directional coupler units are a huge part of this as they take signals and split them up to power equipment and even pass on the signal to be broadcast to the world. Having a strong and reliable signal is a must-have for any mobile phone network out there.


In order to receive and send data using the signals already mentioned, you have to build towers. These towers are complex and allow for the sending and receiving of thousands of data packets to thousands of devices. Where these towers are located is of extreme importance as every mobile phone network wants to reduce dead zones while also having enough towers in highly populated areas to allow all phones in the area to be connected. This takes constant monitoring and requires consistent upgrading and maintenance to ensure that the mobile network can stay consistent and reliable. If networks are not reliable, they can lead to customers canceling as well as constant disconnection from calls and internet service.


Your cell phone device is also extremely important as it can decode and use the signal that is being sent to it. As the signal and towers improve and upgrade over time, so does your mobile device. Most phone manufacturers update and upgrade their flagship phones at least once a year to ensure that the latest and greatest mobile tech can be experienced and enjoyed. This constant innovation is exciting and provides the world with greater communication than ever before.