By | 2021-01-23

There are many types of industrial blenders available that can impact your production process. Ribbon blenders are one of the many types that can be customized. Here is everything you need to know about them to help you choose the right blender for your shop.

They Have Different Sizes

A ribbon mixer will be available in different sizes that have blending chambers with unique volumes. The volume that works best for your batches is based on how many ingredients you will use and the speed at which you blend. In some cases, you may want a gigantic mixer. Other times, you may have better luck with a tiny blender. Either way, you must get the right size to help optimize your process.

There Are Several Agitator Options

The ribbon is a corkscrew-like double metal blade. The outer blade moves the ingredient one way, and the inner blade pushes them the other. This causes the ingredients to shift from one end of the mixer to the other but works best for gently mixing ingredients. If you need more shear, you can have high-speed choppers added. Additionally, you can have paddles added to the agitator. This is ideal if you are dealing with liquids. Therefore, you must think about your ingredients before selecting a mixer. This ensures that you can get the proper agitator for your mixer.

They Come in Various Materials

Ribbon mixers are available in different steels. The option you choose should be based on the ingredients you are using. For instance, if you are mixing food, you should go with a stainless steel blender. Similarly, corrosive ingredients will need to be in a stainless steel mixer.

Choosing the right blender and options is a good way to ensure that you optimize your mixing process. To do this, you need to know some basic facts about ribbon blenders. Then, you can choose the right customizations and options to meet your needs. Remember that it is crucial to think about the ingredients you will be blending before purchasing a machine.