By | 2020-11-03

Since early centuries chandeliers were designed in various artistic pattern simply to not lose its popularity in home décor arena. Hence, in modern times, you will find hundreds of chandeliers, which can turn even modest furnished rooms look more beautiful.

The most popular types that have multiple features other than looking gorgeous are the round rustic chandelier kinds sold in most reliable online stores like Sofary. You get the dazzling chandeliers in every shape, size and make from their shop. The chandeliers are easier to fix and are budget friendly. Thus, it will be beneficial for you to visit their website to view the chandeliers and choose the best among the light fixtures.

Here are few kinds of chandeliers that you can choose for your home décor:

  • Contemporary chandeliers – They suit any kind of home and are well lit the whole room unlike vintage or classic chandeliers. The designs are inspired by the old era chandeliers however made with materials easy to maintain and mainly used as a light source rather than totally decorative light fixture. The versatile exclusive deigns of such chandeliers makes them customer favourite.
  • Rustic appearing chandeliers – They are the best for your farm houses, cottage houses and wooden floored homes. They are made with natural materials like wooden, iron, jute, bronze and others. They are old version of chandelier patterns as well as geometrically designed small chandeliers that are suitable to be hanged above your bed or décor your room corners. In simple words, these chandeliers are apt for people, who believe in recycling and reusing of natural materials.
  • Drum, sputnik, lantern and pendant chandeliers – They are mostly hanged in porticos, open space of home and in kitchen corners. They are made of reusable materials like paper and jute. People do love them as you get them hand crafted from artisans. These kinds of chandeliers appeal to people loving natural off beat charm lightings.
  • Classic or vintage chandeliers – It looks the best in huge homes having vast hallways, large dining rooms and living room having space like ball room. The multi layered chandeliers look best hanging from high ceilings of homes. They are the lighting fixtures that every home owner feels really proud to own.
  • Crystal chandeliers – Since ages they are always in the lead of popularity as they promote perfect image of aesthetic lightings. They are the symbol of beauty, elegance and looks prettier even if they aren’t dazzling when lights are switched off. They are the commonest chandeliers available even in cheaper price.

The crystals help in spreading the light to every corner of the room, thus even spacious rooms having small crystal chandeliers look bright and inviting. You get them in linear, rectangular, square, round and in other geometrical shapes.

Chandeliers are timeless light fixtures that are sure to keep your home look elegant and welcoming for many decades. Today, people prefer to buy chandeliers that have unique light fixtures that won’t don’t consume much energy and are easier to clean.