By | 2020-11-27

Hosting is an essential requirement for any online portal. And you need an efficient CMS to get it started. WordPress is one of the popular content management systems that businesses use for website development and hosting. There are various types of WordPress web hosting services available such as shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud.

WordPress is a prominent name in the world of websites and the internet. As per official data, WordPress impressively powers almost 40% of all websites present on the internet. Of these, 15% are part of the top websites on the net.

Managed WordPress web hosting and shared WP hosting are widely used nowadays. If you plan to buy a hosting service, but are confused between managed and shared WordPress hosting, here’s how you can decide.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is a popular hosting service for WordPress websites. It involves the sharing of resources between different servers attached to the network. It is a web hosting service where several hosting accounts are on one server with a panel or any other web-based control panel.

It enables the user to manage email accounts, databases, files, and more. Here, the server’s specific resources, such as CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. are shared between different websites. It may be possible that your website’s speed degrades in heavy traffic situations. The shared hosting price is comparatively lesser. This makes Shared Hosting the best option for businesses that looks for an affordable web hosting service.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is another type of WordPress hosting. The hosting environment is built on a Cloud Platform. It is designed to deliver the highest level of performance to WordPress websites. Managed WordPress hosting enables less-complicated management and installation.

These platforms provide customized dashboards that have all the necessary features required to manage the website. In shared WordPress hosting, a user needs to take care of certain activities like backups and optimization. This is not in the case of managed WP hosting. It is a simplified type of hosting that provides added WordPress-specific performance tweaks and services to users. Experts also take care of regular updates, ensuring your site is powered by the latest technologies and has optimum security. Some providers will also offer useful plugins for free.

The hosting service provider takes care of all the important tasks related to website hosting. This makes managed WordPress hosting ideal for larger businesses.

How Does Shared Hosting Price Differ from Managed Hosting?

Cost is another major factor that distinguishes both these hosting services. In managed WP hosting, a user benefits from additional functionalities and experts managing the server, it is relatively more expensive than shared hosting. The price of shared hosting is lower as the server resources are shared among different websites present on that server.

For website owners who want an easy-to-use interface without any specific requirements, shared WP hosting is the best foot forward. On the other hand, if you have advanced and particular requirements, you should go for managed WP hosting. It offers several features and options to set up and customize the website.