By | 2020-04-30

What is EMF blocker? Protection versus risk?

First off, what is EMF, and why do I need to be protected against it? EMF stands for electromagnetic fields/frequency. exposure to these EMF fields can cause you to go through several different symptoms including…

  • Insomnia- Lack of sleep, causing you to toss and t7urn throughout the night.
  • Anxiety- The constant worry that something/ anything will go wrong at the drop of a hat.
  • Brain Fog- A haze that shrouds over your whole mind causing you to have a hard time focusing, or getting your normal everyday tasks done.
  • Dizziness/vertigo- the inability to stay on your feet, feeling faint, or unstable.
  • Frequent illness- upset stomach headache.
  • And even hormone imbalance- constant mood swings and bipolar outbursts.
  • Now that we know what EMF is and what it does we can better understand what we need to do to possibly prevent or lessen some of the effects of EMF.

What devices can you use to protect yourself from EMF?

Though none of the things on this next list seem to completely eradicate the effects of EMF, at least we can give you a list of things that can give some things that will slow/ decrease the impact a bit. There is no definite way to measure just how much these items help and there is no definitive proof. however many websites and search results reference them frequently…

  • Cell Phone chips- A small chip placed into your device to help lessen the emits of radioactive EMF.
  • Pendants- Body jewelry (Usually worn around the neck)said to balance out the body’s chakras making it nearly impossible to be affected by any EMF field among a few other things.
  • Neutralizers- Made of rare elements in the earth. made into a chip with the ability to attach to any electronic devices that emit an EMF.

So do EMF protection devices work?

There are hundreds of testimonials and reviews on the subject, but the best thing to remember is to check out where the product you are buying to help with EMF is legit, or if it is just another online scam. There are many different products out there that are bogus and only going to cause you to lose money as opposed to helping with your EMf problem. none of this products on this list are harmful to people if used correctly, in fact, most of the harm done would be falling for one of the online scammers trying to get you to buy their fake product that is “guaranteed” to fix your EMF problems, or “This EMF blocker is the best” ads are usually a good indicator your heading in the wrong directions. again there is a 100% effective answer to this question. However knowledge is power so educate yourself and on the effects of EMF and protect yourself in your way, or not in your way… at one’s own risk.

Well there you go, we have defined the problem and what it is, we then gave you a short list not including some other methods to fight against EMF, but enough to keep you safe if ever the need should arise for you to protect against EMF. If you ever find yours yourself showing symptoms of EMF we advise you to take care of the problem immediately before it does more damage to your brain. Every person that has a cell phone is being affected by this terrible problem every day so please, stay educated and be safe. And shield yourself against EMF.