By | 2020-05-02

Your current website has outgrown shared hosting? Having a budget constraint for subscribing to a dedicated server hosting? If you are an SMB in India, VPS hosting is your next best option. VPS servers are the most preferred server as it provides great scalability, flexibility of using resources and disaster recovery solution. With this article, we will learn why VPS is a good option and what makes it a perfect fit for enterprises.

What is VPS? 

VPS is known as Virtual Private Servers. VPS uses a physical server that has been partitioned into several small virtual servers. Unlike shared, it is also completely independent of VPS which will be located within a server of the same type. Each of the virtual server works independently without affecting the others in the queue. This virtualization of the servers is increasing it demand due to its cost efficiency and being more reliable.

Why should SMBs choose VPS for hosting needs? 

If you are an entrepreneur and looking forward to growing your business, basic server hosting won’t fulfill the needs. Getting the best web hosting is very important as for small businesses time is money, and you might lose a lot of money every minute the site is down and not to miss, should be affordable too.

Benefits of VPS hosting for SMBs — 

  • Root Access: VPS hosting gives complete control over the server. With VPS hosting, you can adjust the server as per your needs and reboot it as and when needed. And do you know what the best part is? It allows you complete control just like a dedicated server with half the cost.
  • Scalability: With the scalability feature of VPS hosting, it allows you to get the facility of changing the resources allocated to the server as and when required (for example — RAM, CPU, disk space).
  • Security: VPS offers a high level of security as compared to shared hosting. It keeps your data protected from cyber threats and hackers.
  • Cost-effective: In India, VPS hosting, in recent times, has turned out to be highly economical and effective. For small and medium businesses, it is probably the best solution, as you pay only for what you use.
  • Performance: With VPS hosting, you can stop worrying about the downtimes and performance lag. This will help your website load faster and ultimately will improve the traffic and ranking of the website.
  • Multiple domain hosting: Many companies manage more than one website, and while this can be achieved on a shared hosting account, it often means that limited resources have developed. The more websites you run on a shared hosting account, the less reliable you are. The much larger resources available for VPS mean that many domains can be hosted without performance problems.
  • Server Monitoring: Given the increasing need for cybersecurity, it’s good to know that VPS facilitators take protection very seriously. By monitoring servers, one can assure that threats like malware, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and others are taken care of. This eventually helps them do damage control.


Concluding it, if you are a small or a medium enterprise and funding an expensive dedicated server is difficult, on the other hand, you don’t want your performance to be impacted, you can opt for VPS hosting service for the above-mentioned reasons.